Abu Dhabi’s New Scheme Offers Free Bus Rides

Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has launched ” Points for Plastic” scheme encouraging passengers to obtain free rides on public buses by gaining points for used plastic bottles.

Passengers can earn points each time they hand in plastic bottles in DGrade machines, which are then used to pay bus fares.

In the first phase of initiative, a plastic deposit machine will be installed in Abu Dhabi’s main bus station, enabling passengers to exchange empty plastic bottles for points.

How the points be calculated for free bus trips :

Each single small bottle (600 ml or less) will gain 1 point, while larger containers or bottles exceeding 600 ml will gain 2 points.

Each point is equal to 10 fils, so 10 points equals AED1 .

The points balance can be compiled and transferred to the “Hafilat” Personalised Bus Card, the ITC automated payment system, which calculates the fare required for the trip and automatically deducts it from the cash value stored in the card via the tariff machines installed at bus entrances and exits.

The initiative has been launched in cooperation with Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre “Tadweer”, and “DGrade”.

The EAD is working closely with its partners from the public and private sectors to launch an integrated bottle return scheme in key locations.

The authority is also encouraging initiatives to collect bottles from homes in a way that is based on incentive rewards.