World’s First eSports Island In The Capital…!

Abu Dhabi is going to host World’s first eSports island, valued at over $280 Million USD.

The Players looking for a professional training facility, their search ends here, as World’s first eSports Island is coming up in Abu Dhabi, creating a dynamic ecosystem for the esports community. It will support players of all levels in achieving their full potential, and to enhance their team and individual skills.

According to eSports Insider, plans entail the construction of GG Resort, a hotel with 200 gaming-equipped rooms, complete with a unique “parachute jump check-in” inspired by popular First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Call of Duty and PUBG.

True Gamers co-founder Vlad Belyanin estimates the project’s cost at $1 billion, with the company committing $280-300 million.

The possible location for the new eSports island in Abu Dhabi will be between the Al Bandar and Al Dana developments in Al Raha Beach.

Gaming will go beyond computers here, and you will be able to enjoy adventures inspired from popular games. Think a parachute jump check-in inspired by PUBG.

The island will house a luxurious GG Resort. The hotel will have 200 luxurious rooms equipped with high-performance computers for an unrivaled gaming experience.